Why You Should Watch Suits

Suits is a USA Network television drama series created by Aaron Korsh. The series stars the amazingly talented actors, Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht. The series evolves thru a fictional law firm (Pearson Darby) in New York City. Its 12-episode first season debuted in 2011 and has gained a rapid growing popularity and has had spectators wanting for more.

Gabriel MachtPatrick J. Adams plays the role of Mike Ross, a character with an incredible memory for details. He basically has a sort of photographic memory. His initial form of income was taking LSATs for lazy law students. His intentions to come up with more funds, was to insure his grandmother in a good home. In the mist of his not-so-pure jobs, he is tricked into doing a job that oddly positions him in a prestigious law firm where Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is trying to choose an associate. This leads a quick partnership that leads the series into an array of different situations that will maintain the interest of spectator at the edge of their seat. Though Mike does not have a law degree, he is looped into a world of solving cases with Harvey, creating one of the best duo in TV today.

The series is very smart, funny, and well-written. The uniqueness of the characters has a great depth and much room for development. The strengths and weaknesses of each character, holds a very well made balance and creates an intrigue worthy of any spectator. The supporting characters are distinctive without having the feel that they are cliches represented in every other series. The cases that the characters take on are relevant and are enjoyable to watch. One would think that after a few episodes the pace of the series would become static, but the way the characters evolve in combination with the different cases mange, make Suits a great series. They do not always win their cases, which makes the series even more characteristically and amusing.

Suits, is a very well rounded entertaining show that many people can relate to it. All the episodes have something to offer, and it seems that there haven’t been any ‘filler’ episodes that don’t seem to go anywhere. The series is quite sexy without falling to a soap-opera feel, it is smart without sounding pretentious and it is funny without making it stupid.

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Who is The Most Talented Actress?

There is a whole lot of talented actresses starring in various TV shows and movies across the globe. In that case therefore, you simply cannot single out one of them and state categorically that they are the best in the entertainment industry. However, over the past couple of years, one Lucy Hale has graced our screens with her superb role executions in the Privilege, Pretty Little Liars and a range of other top rated TV shows. Let us now get to understand who some of the best actresses living today are:

Lucy Hale

Lucy HaleFirst off on the list is Lucy Hale, also referred to as Karen Lucille. Lucy was born on the 14th of June, 1989 and she is basically an American singer and actress. She is best known for her roles as Rose Baker in Privileged, Sommers in Bionic Woman, Sherrie in Scream 4 and also as Asia Montgomery on the ABC family series dubbed Pretty Little Liars. Other people know her pretty well for her appearance on the reality TV show called American Juniors. Wondering what’s Lucy Hale height? She’s taller than you might think!

Angelina Jolie

Angeline is more of a household name when it comes to the TV entertainment industry. This is not just because of her beauty and fame but rather that she is extremely talented and this is pretty much evident in the roles that she has played ever since the commencement of her acting career. This award winning actress has become quite popular over the years and thus deserves to be categorized among the best and most talented actresses of the year 2013.

Charlize Theron

Aside from her having a gorgeous body and pretty face, Charlize is mostly renowned for her top notch acting skills. The South African Model and actress is with no doubt a beauty and it is important to appreciate the fact that her fame has continued to soar as a result of her relentless contributions in Hollywood. As much as she is in her later 30’s she still has managed to look as young and desirable as possible.

Marion Cotillard

Marion is also considered as one of the most talented and hottest actresses for the year 2013. The French actress has with no doubt earned her recognition and made it big over the past couple of years. She truly is a worldwide success and anyone who has been following up on the developments of the entertainment industry can truly attest to this fact. She has with no doubt touched the lives of millions of people across the globe as a result of her great talent and prowess.